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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) card at 20/20 Eye Care?Yes. Because most FSA plans allow for the purchase of an eye exam or eyewear, we encourage their use.

Can you help me schedule an eye exam at 20/20 Eye Care?Yes, you can schedule an eye exam by clicking on “Schedule an Eye Exam” or calling one of our offices.

Do you perform DMV Eye Tests?Yes we do. You can walk in at our Mineola or Middle Village location or make an appointment for the test.

I need a copy of my receipt to file for reimbursement from my FSA or insurance company. Can you assist me?Yes. Come in or call and we’ll provide you with a copy of your receipt.

What promotions or coupons are you currently offering?‘Like us’ on facebook or connect with us on twitter to receive updates about special offers and current promotions.

What frame brands do you carry?We carry a wide range of brand name and high quality frames to accommodate all styles and budgets. If you’re trying to locate a specific pair, let us know and we’ll check our inventory. If we don’t have the frame you’re looking for, we’ll try to get it.

Do you carry Transitions lenses?Yes. We offer Transitions lenses for most single-vision and multi-focal lenses.

Can I buy sunglasses without a prescription?Yes. We carry most brand name sunglasses.

What should I except during my routine eye exam?During a routine eye exam, we test your distance and near vision and determine your eyeglass prescription if any. We also test for glaucoma, by testing your eye pressure. We do this with eye drops that numb your eyes for 5-6 minutes. We also examine the front part of the eye: cornea, conjunctiva, iris, and lens; as well as the back of the eye: optic nerve, retina and blood vessels. To view the back of the eye, we use retinal photography or eye drops that dilate the pupil. If your eyes need to be dilated—plan to be at our office for extra 30 minutes and expect blurry for 2-3 hours (especially close up vision).

How much does an eye exam cost?Costs for our eye exams vary depending on what’s required. However, we accept most medical and vision plans. If you only have medical insurance, all you pay is your ‘specialist co-pay’. If you also have vision coverage you pay the ‘routine exam co-pay’.

If I already wear contact lenses why do I need a ‘fitting’ every year?Contact lenses are medical devices and their fit can change overtime, causing deteriorations of your ocular health. In addition, improper use of contact lenses can lead to corneal scarring and in some cases blindness. By evaluating the fit of your lenses yearly, we prevent the occurrence of infections and inflammations associated with poor contact lens fit and/or use.

What is involved in a contact lens fitting?Contact lens fittings include all the steps of a routine eye exam, in addition to the measurement of the diameter and curvature of your corneas. These measurements allow selection of the right diagnostic lens. Once the doctor places the diagnostic lens on your eyes, the fit and movement of that lens is evaluated. The contact lens fitting also includes a free trial pair, and any follow up if necessary. If it is your first time wearing contact lenses, we will train you in how to insert and remove the lens and teach you proper lens care.

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