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Simple & Effective: Punctal Plugs reducing Dry Eye Symptoms | Middle Village & Mineola, NY

Eye Exam, Woman with eye allergy in Middle Village & Mineola, NY.

As eye allergies pick up in the spring season, so do dry eye symptoms. Excessive, watery eyes can lead to red eyes irritation. When the eyes fail to produce tears with enough natural oils, the eye washes away external stimuli with tears as a protective measure. Although this process of tear production can wash out eyelashes or bits of dirt stuck in the eye, an allergic reaction will still remain.

So, how does one treat an eye allergy without being drenched in tears, irritation, and red eyes?

While eye drops will reduce the redness and irritation a bit, when one faces a more severe case of dry eyes, where eye drops are being used over 4 times per day, a punctal plug is an ideal solution.

How does a punctal plug work?

Anytime you face excessive tearing, your eye is trying to retain moisture as long as possible. A punctal plug, in essence, prevents moisture from escaping the eye quickly.  Depending on your level of dryness, some basic remedies like eye drops, proper nutrition, or even medicated drops like xiidra or restasis can be beneficial. Punctal plugs, however, are a quick procedure that’s painless, fast, and will retain moisture for your eyes. While they are technically removable, the immediate reduction in symptoms will be enough of a reason for you to leave them in.

Want to learn more about punctal plugs? Schedule an eye exam with Dr. Napolitano today with even your medical insurance. We’ll review your case of dry eyes and help you achieve visual comfort.

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