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    Even simple moments can be more intense when vision
    goes from clear to blurry. Whether it's a slight change
    in prescription eyeglasses, a routine eye examination,
    or treatment for eye disease our eye doctors are
    here to help.

    For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that
    our patients get a clear view of life's ordinary—but
    wonderful—and extraordinary moments.
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    Click on the Screen to the right to learn more about dry eyes.

    Dry eyes can lead to surface inflammation and—if left untreated—
    lead to pain, ulcers, scars on the cornea, and some vision loss.

    While this condition rarely leads to permanent vision loss, it can
    make regular activities like using a computer or mobile phone
    more difficult. Our eye exam identifies eye health issues like dry
    eyes. Schedule your appointment today!

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    "Dr. Napolitano and her staff were wonderful and friendly.
    We had thorough exams and she is very aware of insurances
    which makes things so much easier. Dr. Napolitano even picked
    out my frame and I loved them.

    My son—who is 11—started with his first pair of contact
    and the patience and understanding for a first time
    user was so wonderful. My entire family is switching over to her!"

    Himilce B. ~ Verified Patient                      Read more reviews...

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VisionConsider smelling a beautiful dew-covered rose at sunrise. Imagine doing it with your eyes closed. One thing becomes very clear. Life's moments are more profound with clear sight.

While we often take our eye health for granted, when our vision becomes impaired we realize how much we rely on these very complex—integral—parts of our bodies. At 20/20 Eye Care, our opticians here to help. Whether you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, corrections to an existing prescription, or have recently experienced vision loss or distortion our comprehensive eye exam will identify the source of your eye health problem.

We are centrally located in Middle Village, in Queens as well as in Mineola, on Long Island. To provide you the highest level of care and treatment options, we equip our eye care centers with the latest technology and staff them with conscientious professionals. Our board-certified optometrists have years of experience treating eye issues and are committed to caring for your eyes.
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